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Bowers & Wilkins’ DB1D Subwoofer Will Get Your Heart Pumping

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DB1D Subwoofer

The British audio experts from Bowers & Wilkins have worked their magic once again on the impressive DB subwoofers, which is why we now get to enjoy three new models, including the flagship DB1D. The latter is being praised as the company’s most powerful woofer ever, and it comes powered by a 2,000-watt class-D amplifier, with a frequency response starting at 350 Hz and bottoming out at 10 Hz.

In layman’s terms, this thing is the ultimate subwoofer out there, and your favorite track will sound even more incredible with it.

DB1D Subwoofer

Housed within the DB1D’s super-rigid casing you will find two precisely balanced opposing bass cones, that work in tandem in an effort to reduce cabinet vibration, which in turn means cleaner bass sounds. The cones benefit from the same aerofoil technology Bowers & Wilkins introduced with the 800 Series Diamond line of reference speakers, which is obviously a big plus.

Priced at just $4,500, the DB1D subwoofer was  designed to be paired with the company’s 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers, which is why it can be purchased in the very same finishes – gloss black, satin white, and rosenut. Once this woofer arrives to your home, you can use Bowers & Wilkins’ smartphone app to  find the ideal location of the subwoofer inside your home. Your neighbors will surely appreciate your new toy!

DB1D Subwoofer

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