Bollinger B1 is the World’s First All-Electric Sports Utility Truck

Bollinger B1

Starting out as a clean sheet of aluminum, the Bollinger B1 ends up as the world’s first fully working all-electric sports utility truck, ready to take over any terrain in style. Showing off a stunning Gunhouse Gray exterior, with black accents matched by a black satin wheel finish, this vehicle features a heavy-duty truck design and a classic look that will probably excite all off-road enthusiasts.

With an impressive stance and a perfect 50 / 50 weight balance, this thing aims to do great things and go far. How far, do you ask?

It packs a dual-motor powertrain which promises full-time all-wheel drive, outputting 360 hp and 472 lb-ft of torque, and since the torque is instant, courtesy of the electric drivetrain, things are starting to look really serious. Riding on mud terrain ‘LT285/70/R17’ tires with high offset aluminum wheels, this vehicle brags about the ability to clear almost any off-road obstruction with ease.

Bollinger Motors also equipped this ride with a regenerative braking system, that consists of 11.75 inch vented inboard discs and four-piston calipers, allowing the driver to enjoy the off-road experience for a longer period. 0 to 60 mph is dealt with in just a mere 4.5 seconds, while the top speed stands at a cool 127 miles per hour.

Bollinger B1

The production model will offer two lithium-ion battery packs – 60 kWh or 100 kWh – promising a range of either 120 or 200 miles. If you’re thinking about possible issues when you’re going off-road, please note that the battery pack compartments are encased in four layers of protection between metal casings and water tight seals, so you’re probably fine.

On the inside, black leather seats, designed with the rugged outdoorsman in mind, instruments with rubber seals and gaskets and polyurethane-coated floor pans come complemented by a safety cage. The minimalist interior provides only the necessary controls to operate the vehicle both on and off road; all of the gauges have chrome bezels, black backgrounds and white numbering and lettering, and that’s about it.

Since there is no engine noise to talk about, the company also equipped this sports utility truck with a marine radio stereo receiver to keep you company. Any takers?

Bollinger B1