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BOESCH 710 Ascona de Luxe Makes you Believe in Time Travel

BOESCH 710 Ascona de Luxe

The high-end mahogany boat before you reminds us of the golden age of luxury boat designs, showing off a superb classical styling, complemented by modern equipment and a powerful engine. Dubbed as the BOESCH 710 Ascona de Luxe, this stunning boat is a sheer pleasure to pilot, since it’s very spacious and comfortable, and promises to offer high speed thrills, matched by good vibes.

This is actually the largest single-engine Boesch runabout and it will easily accommodate as many as seven passengers on board. The classically sleek hull hides a smooth V8 engine, which works together with a special Boesch Horizon-Gliding feature to take the boat’s impressive handling characteristics to the very next level.

BOESCH 710 Ascona de Luxe

The 710 Ascona de Luxe also displays well-designed accessories, a flexible cockpit, and an integrated retractable sunshade, with enough storage space for your water skis and bathing suits. There’s also an extension covering the sun lounge, that can be put up in no time, which seems to be the best option for those scorching hot summer days, but the real wonders are in terms in power.

Zürich-based Boesch Motorboats decided that the Boesch 710 Ascona De Luxe would be also powered by electricity, enough to propel the vessel through water at maximum speeds of 70 km/h (38 kn), while electric power performance at 80 kW is 48 km/h (26 kn) and 53 km/h (28 kn) is the maximum speed using 100 kW.

BOESCH 710 Ascona de Luxe


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