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Florence’s Latest Treat: Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura

By Victor Baker


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Gucci Osteria

Eating has become much more than a necessity or a social habit right now – it is a refined activity that some people get to experience at a completely different level of aroma, style, and luxury. That’s the goal of Massimo Bottura’s new Gucci Osteria in Florence, found inside the newly opened Gucci Garden Galleria – on the ground floor of a superb Florentine building.

The historic Palazzo della Mercanzia was chosen to house this restaurant, a green-tinged oasis, incorporating Bottura’s high-end eatery, a store and exhibition rooms – I guess ‘dinner and a show’ has a completely new meaning nowadays.

Gucci Osteria

This iconic center of cultural exchange seems to be the ideal place for the Italian three-Michelin starred chef to set up shop – so to speak. Gucci Osteria’s charming design was influenced by a 15th-century carnival song called ‘Canzona de’ sette pianeti’, which is written in gold script on the restaurant’s green walls, while the chairs and booths have been upholstered in verdant velvet.

This stylish restaurant will be the place where tourists and locals will get to experience a unique international twist to traditional Italian dishes, although the interesting menu will have to compete with the bazaar-like retail store, which sells goods designed exclusively for Gucci Garden.

Florence’s Gucci Garden Galleria is actually the latest redevelopment venture from the renowned Italian fashion house, and things are most likely to become even more outrageous in the near future.

Gucci Osteria

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