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BMW Zagato Roadster unveiled at Pebble Beach

By Adrian Prisca


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When BMW teamed up with the renowned coach manufacturer Zagato for a special concept, the outcome was much more than stunning and has been recently revealed in the shape of this gorgeous BMW Zagato Roadster. Fancy taking a peek?

The entire design process has taken roughly 6 weeks, in order to finish it in time for the Pebble Beach Auto Show. When we first saw it, we were staggered by the level of aggressiveness it came with, almost looking like it was targeting something or someone in order to send it to kingdom come.

We know this character comes from the low-set kidney grille decked with an intricate grating design full of miniature Z-s, a 3D front apron and from the twin circular focused headlights.

And this is just half of the story. The other half is shown by the mere stature of the car, looking as if it were alert and ready to charge at a target. The car’s rear boasts with two intriguing features – a shallow black band and a darkened diffuser, both perfectly assorting with the pair of trapeze exhaust pipes.

Essentially being a roadster, the car has been equipped with roll bars, thus fulfilling high safety standards. The manufacturers have taken inspiration from aircraft wings in the design of the roll bar, for the signature look they have eventually come up with. The interiors are the same used on the Coupé version, elegant, sporty and quite sexy.

The paintjob though seems to come from a Terminator scene. The grey finish resembles liquid metal, but also shares a nice optical illusion – depending on the angle of light, the color changes from light silver to an elegant dark grey.

In terms of performance, the atmosphere is rather foggy. The car reportedly sports a 3.0-liter engine delivering 300 HP, but there’s no further data concerning this field. There’s also nothing for certain when speaking of availability or price.


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