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Bikers Will Appreciate The Cool Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider Watch

By Victor Baker


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Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider

Swiss brand Azimuth is committed to designing interesting, out-of-the-box concepts, and their latest watch is just another example of their brilliant creativity. The company’s avant-garde take on wristwatches usually results in eccentric price-tags, although it’s said they strive for accessibility. Be that as it may, the Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider will make you forget all about that.

Inspired by the winding stretches of endless roads that U.S. drivers and bikers enjoy on a daily basis, the Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider watch had its name inspired by the classic Easy Rider Hollywood production. Automobiles and watches have a long history together, but Azimuth went for a bike theme and never looked back.

On an aesthetic level the Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider watch resembles the engine of a motorcycle, boasting an asymmetrical infinity loop-shaped case. Aside from the interesting bezel and exposed screws, you will also notice a chain at the center of the dial, with two wheels at either end.

The system looks like a sprocket brake drive system on a bike, and works on controlling the hour and minute displays.

Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider

The inner circumference of the dial features 24-hour markers in a cool and retro yellow and red. To the right-hand side of the case, the gauge dial indicates the minutes but the direct ratio of the chain means that the minute hand couldn’t make a full rotation fast enough. This is why the minute hand is actually fixed to a pinion that goes down into the movement, allowing it to move faster.

Keeping in line with the outrageous idea behind the concept, the caseback shows off a special ETA movement modified by Azimuth for the Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider that was designed to look exactly like an engine block, matching the rest of the aesthetic theme of this watch perfectly.

Azimuth first made an initial run of 100 units of this exquisite timepiece, but it seems this isn’t a limited edition model so if you’ve got CHF 5,250 just laying around, feel free to get your own.

Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider

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