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The Bering 70 Passagemaker

By Brody Patterson


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Since its founding in 2007, Bering Yachts has created a series of different luxury yachts, both classic and contemporary in design. Now the company is working a brand new passagemaker called the Bering 70, which is currently being built in Antalya, Turkey.

The 70-foot semi-custom coastal vessel boasts a highly efficient hull design and fully capable of long cruises in any conditions, while keeping its passengers safe and comfortable. The boat can be easily navigated even into beaches and rivers, as the mast can rotate down through 90 degrees to reduce air draft. The Bering 70 is spacious and luxurious enough for prolonged journeys or living aboard.

Depending on which material customers select for the yacht’s hull (aluminum or steel), the Bering 70 comes with two motorization options and can reach speeds between 13 and 25 knots. It also comes in two design versions – with or without the flybridge-, with an optimized ‘green technology’ variant dubbed the e-Cruiser also available.


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