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Beautiful Egyptian Inspired Lamp Collection by Zenza

When we hear about Egyptian cultures, we instantly start thinking about pyramids, pharaohs and myths. Zenza is trying to add a bit of mystique to its lamps, by decking them with Egyptian inspired designs. They look quite intriguing, yet they are extremely beautiful.

Simply by watching the photos we realize these oversized pendants could endow our homes with a huge dose of uncommon. Their perforated covers send mind-whopping illusions and shadows on the walls of the room. In addition, they have been crafted using traditional artisan techniques picked from all over the Globe. This fact provides romance and beauty, all together.

We would surely love some of these to deck our homes. We look towards them as being quite interesting, mysterious and chic, considering we haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else. Simply because the light that helps us write is really boring, we could actually use some floating shapes and figures to help us be more efficient. Wouldn’t you?



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