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Beats Celebrates Chinese New Year With The Dre Solo² Set

By Victor Baker


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Dre Solo² Set

Beats by Dre is already a brand that’s extremely popular all over the world, but you only stay this popular by thinking about others. As such, the company has decided to celebrate this year’s Chinese New Year by revealing a new interesting pair of headphones, dedicated to this event.

The Year of the Monkey is marked with the special edition Solo² Wireless headphones, designed by the internationally renowned James Jean.

Their bespoke look was inspired by the story of three wise monkeys, which embody the proverbial principle “Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil”, with Jean reinterpreting how the primates see, hear and communicate with the aid of a modern twist.

Dre Solo² Set

The artist’s Solo² Wireless headphones feature James Jean’s artwork throughout, in white and shades of grey, alongside gold detailing.

Furthermore, the headphones will be able to connect to your smart devices via Bluetooth and will feature the Beats by Dre’s Adaptive Noise Cancelation, that makes the audio quality even better than you’d expect.  With a 12-hour rechargeable battery, the special edition headphones will set you back about $299.95.

Dre Solo² Set

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