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Beats & Balmain Unveil the Most Stylish Headphones

Beats & Balmain

Fashionable wearable tech isn’t exactly a new concept, but we’re getting closer to what Sci-Fi movies have been predicting for years, and that’s really exciting. Beats Electronics has recently teamed up with the renowned French fashion house Balmain for a very special collection of headphones, inspired by Olivier Rousteing’s vision for an urban safari.

Aside from the unusual vision, the love for music has brought Beats by Dr. Dre and Balmain together, and their exclusive collaboration celebrates humanity’s imperative sense of challenging the status quo. If not that, we all know that women have been the reason for most of the rebellious acts across history, so maybe that’s another source of inspiration as well.

Beats & Balmain

Beats’ signature over-ear Studio Wireless headphones and the sportier Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones have now been retouched by Rousteing’s own signature #BalmainArmy green with metallic gold accents. Those of you with a sense of fashion or who merely desire to stay ahead of the curve will have to pay as much as $249.95 and $599.95 respectively, before enjoying the results of this collaboration.

Music and fashion intertwined – that’s something that children going up during the 20th century might remember, which is why they will probably appreciate that each headphone set comes with a matching suede case adorned with a Balmain plaque, and the symbolic Balmain coin zipper pull. Pretty cool, right?

Beats & Balmain


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