Bathroom collection by Marc Newson for Caroma

Designer of many interesting and exclusive items and machines, Marc Newson is not only famous in Australia, but throughout the world. Some of the works that made him famous cover the fields of first class lounges, champagne coolers, mini yachts and jewelry, during the 1960s. His latest achievement is a 22-piece collection of bathroom items realized in close collaboration with Caroma.

The series features minimalistically designed items, with gorgeous orange detailing. This tonal combination ensures a nice, modern look, alongside setting the Marc Newson signature upon the pieces.

The collection comprises all sorts of interesting fixtures from an island bath, two different types of toilets, a selection of chrome taps and four basins to a freestanding bath with black feet that reminds of vintage pubs. Two of the four basins feature integrated shelves, providing even more style and a lot more functionality.

The orange tints we have previously mentioned can be noticed on the exquisite hand shower as well as on the fixed shower. Sadly, there’s no word on their availability or prices.