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Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort in the UAE

By Adrian Prisca


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We’ve previously featured an extraordinary project, the Bluewaters Island, envisioned by the Arabian leaders and whose building process is expected to start during April 2013, but here’s an extraordinary resort that already welcomes guests under the sun of the United Arab Emirates.

The Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort can be found in Al Wadi and is one of the most exquisite resorts throughout the United Arab Emirates. It is located within an idyllic oasis, surrounded by vast sand dunes. Painted in notes of brown, crème and yellow, and packed with state of the art appliances, Banyan Tree Al Wadi is a place where tourists will forget about daily fuss and bother.

Nicely curtained beds and wooden or marble floors add to the already elegant picture, while the services provided by the staff may rival those of worldly trained professionals. If you aren’t yet convinced, scroll down to the pictures that show the spas. I will actually underestimate you if I call you amazed.


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