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Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape Speakers are Something Else

By Victor Baker


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BeoSound Shape

You might not see these innovative speakers from Bang & Olufsen at first glance, but they will make their presence felt in the best of ways. The renowned Danish company has surprised everyone at the 2017 Milan Design Week by introducing a cool sound system comprised of hexagonal speakers and acoustic panels that can be arranged in various ways depending on user preferences and taste.

Called BeoSound Shape, this system was designed to be easily customized, acting like a double offering – wireless wall-mounted speakers and noise absorbents that improve indoor acoustics. A minimum of six tiles is required to make this system functional, that could be perfect for your home, or for an office environment as well.

BeoSound Shape

They will be available in brown, green, pink and dark blue, and covered in a bespoke wool fabric, courtesy of Danish textile brand Kvadrat. Ergonomic and powerful, the BeoSound Shape system was meant to mimic the experience of music being played live, so.. feel free to listen to your favorite band’s live performance and put that statement to the test.

Bang & Olufsen has also launched an online tool, meant to allow users to design their own patterns and benefit from recommendations regarding the speakers. Please note that a central hub lets owners connect and wirelessly stream music, and it could also link up with other Bang & Olufsen products. Starting this August, you could get your own Shape sound system for about €4,000 or $4,345.

BeoSound Shape

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