Noah Miller

Freelance Contributor

Noah is a professional journalist and copywriter who has been specializing in the jewelry and watches industry since the early 2010s.

He’s been contributing to Luxatic for more than eight years now, and he's also a contributor to well known publications like GQ, Esquire or Town & Country, and many specialized watch and jewelry blogs.



Noah's journey in the world of luxury watches and jewelry began over a decade and a half ago. After an enriching period in Switzerland, where he learned all about fine watchmaking and the art of jewelry, he moved to New York City in 2010 and started working for one of the biggest watch and jewelry retailers in North America.

He has a background in PR and Communication, that's why he wanted to share the wealth of knowledge he accumulated while working in this field, and became a freelance contributor and copywriter. He's created, shaped and written copy for some of the world's leading watch and jewelry companies.


Noah holds a BA in Communication, PR and Advertising from City, University of London

EXPERTISE: Jewelry, Watches and the Luxury Industry in general
EDUCATION: City, University of London
LOCATION: New York City, US
TITLE: Freelance Contributor

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