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Aston Martin Aims to Reach For The Skies with the Volante Vision Concept

Volante Vision Concept

Aston Martin has taken the world by storm with the company’s latest project, an innovative luxury aircraft concept, with vertical take-off and landing capabilities, that was named the Volante Vision Concept. Cranfield University, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, and Rolls-Royce also got involved with the project, which aims to bring chic personal transportation to the skies.

I’m sure old-school fans of the brand are going out of their minds right now, but this is the future we are talking about here.

The autonomous, hybrid-electric flying machine before you could take up to three adults on the ride of their lives. Set to benefit from state of the art aerospace, electrification, and autonomous technologies, this Aston Martin-designed shuttle promises an exciting alternative transportation solution.

Volante Vision Concept

We all know the urban environment is going through a continuous expansion process nowadays, and that’s where this innovative Aston Martin concept comes in. Alternative solutions are meant to reduce congestion, cut pollution and improve mobility. We already have highways, tunnels and many other solutions, but air travel will most likely be the way to go in the future, similar to the Jetsons universe we all loved as kids.

The Volante Vision Concept will fly on the luxury side of mobility, which is to say few people will be able to afford this flying toy. After all, we’re talking about Aston Martin here, and this luxury aircraft concept was specially designed to show off the ultimate fusion of art and technology from the British automaker.

Volante Vision Concept


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