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Art of Kinetik Unleashed The Hedonist Convertible

By Victor Baker


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Hedonist Convertible

An evolution of the jaw dropping Hedonist yacht, the new Hedonist Convertible yacht is an innovative and unique creation by Art of Kinetik, a company which prides itself on bringing high quality art to the table, with the focus on rare and exclusive products, rather than focusing on a numbers’ game.

As such, the Hedonist Convertible is another example of their amazing creativity, with a striking design and incredible attention to details. This marvelous vessel shows off 2 x 1920 hp MTU V12 2000 M94 MAN engines, which compliment the overall pulse-racing looks.

Unfortunately Art of Kinetik has released only two photos with this yacht’s smooth lines and none with its amazing interior, but apparently this vessel is able to impress up to 12 passengers. The Hedonist Convertible will be able to reach a top speed of 48 kn, with the cruising speed standing at 38 kn.

The range isn’t all that impressive, but the company makes up for that with the custom made tender boat. Any thoughts?

Hedonist Convertible


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