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Arman 90 metre superyacht: Dune project

By Adrian Prisca


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With the intention of creating a one-piece-like superyacht, the ex-BMW-designer Arman Fissette has just announced his latest work-of-art. The Arman Dune 90 is a vessel that combines simplicity with a terribly bold design, inspired from stealth frigates, and with the human-love for sea-cruising.

It is totally built for exploration, cruising and relaxation, bringing them all together. There is a lot of space on the ship reserved especially for adventure vehicles. There are three large tenders, four off-road vehicles, berths for a submarine, an amphibious aircraft, six wave-runners and a helicopter hangar.

All these come alongside the 10 guest cabins and the owner’s cabin. The total crew comprises 28 persons, and the 90-meter-long yacht can accommodate 22 guests. The upper deck has a platform with a built-in glass wall, called “the visor”, which overviews the swimming pool on the lower-deck. Everything on the yacht looks like it’s made for it, from the modern decorations to every square-inch of paint.

Though we do not yet exactly know its value, it surely looks like a vessel destined to explore.


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