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T.T. Trunks Unveils a Luxury Travel Watch Trunk

By Adrian Prisca


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For those in need to take their watch collection with them on holidays, there is now a solution. T.T. Trunks have suggested the Travel Watch Trunk – a watch holder with three drawers and three inserted Swiss Kubik watch winders.

For emptier pouches, T. T. Trunks have placed a storage area behind the winders where one can put his/her wallet, key-holders, passport, documents, coin-bags or anything they wear with them. The first drawer works as a storage chest, for a simple, flat watch arrangement. Every watch can be put separately, due to the detachable leather-lined separators.

The second drawer is built for cufflinks or any sort of small items, while the third works as a storage area for eight removable watch rolls. Each watch-holder takes around 200 hours of hard work, each piece, from small to big being crafted or finished manually. These facts add authenticity and style.

Made in Paris, the dimensions of the trunk are as follows: 423 mm x 434 mm x 265 mm – height, width, depth. It’s fully customizable, one being able to choose from 300 different materials and a large palette of tones.

They will be unveiled at OC Concept Store in New York. If u want surplus elegance, authenticity and a shine of modernism in your house, go for it.


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