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Anura Rafael Write Time Will Take Your Breath Away

Anura Rafael Write Time

Combining calligraphy with the art of high-end watchmaking, Anura Rafael Write Time is one of the most incredible watches we’ve seen lately, because it’s both a tourbillon timepiece and a fountain pen, mixed into one breathtaking package. We really don’t know if we can find the right words to describe this intriguing piece, so we’ll just jump on the details. This is Anura Rafael‘s first wristwatch, that’s why it probably had to stand out of a crowd, combining a linear movement with a tourbillon in a removable module in the most beautiful way possible.

The name of this watch, Write Time, seems appropriate as well, with a cylindrical module made out of sapphire crystal, pink gold, and partially wrapped in alligator leather blending the best of two worlds. The case measures 42 mm, while the capsule is locked in place in the receptacle by means of a rotating ring. Time can be told thanks to three discs that are housed under the large sapphire crystal, with all the numerals on the discs being hand-engraved and painted.

Anura Rafael Write Time

On a technical level, a hand-wound movement called Calibre ARS001/T keeps everything ticking thanks to exactly 472 parts, an impressive mechanism which took Rafael two years to develop and comes with a 48-hour power reserve. As you can see from these photos, the wonderful tourbillon is visible at one end of the case, under the large sapphire crystal, but you’re probably more captivated by the incredible transformation from a watch into a fountain pen.

The pen itself is also made out of pink gold and presents itself in the same alligator leather used to make the strap of the watch. Available with either a piston filler or cartridge, the pen may also display the nib in different sizes. This innovative timepiece is entirely Swiss-made by artisans in the Jura mountain region, and if you totally like what you see right now, you should know the Anura Rafael Write Time will be made to order and starts off at 245,000 CHF.

Anura Rafael Write Time


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