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Amazing luxury yacht design by Timon Sager: Bairim

The Bairim luxury yacht concept by Timon Sager has to be one of the most incredible yacht designs I’ve seen lately, standing out of the pack with it’s unique shape and gorgeous lines. This lovely luxury yacht concept has a no-resistance design that has been hydro-dynamically optimised for moving fast through rough waters.

Apart from the gorgeous lines of the Bairim yacht which are probably more than enough to make the uber rich want one, this stylish yacht features floor to ceiling windows on the port and starboard that will let its guests enjoy stunning views of the ocean, high-end comfort features and big open spaces ready to be filled with modern furniture arrangements.

The Bairim yacht (Angel of Water) also features an elegant wooden deck which opens to the interior and a center stairway that leads the yacht’s guests to the water. We’ll keep our eyes on this yacht concept because we’re pretty sure we might see it into production in the next years.

[YankoDesign via BornRich]


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