All Bow Before Louis Vuitton’s Imperial Saffron

Imperial Saffron

Louis Vuitton has decided to change its looks and keep up with the current trend, not to mention the hot summer season, with an interesting surprise for all its fans. As such, the renowned French fashion house has traded in their usual brown packaging for a bright new shade, called “Imperial Saffron”.

This lovely color has also adorned some of the maison’s heritage pieces, that’s why some of you might remember it. Louis Vuitton’s shopping bags and boxes will wear this color from now on, complemented by a subtle touch of contrast courtesy of a cobalt blur trim that acts out as bag handles or ribbons.

Imperial Saffron

The new packaging allows Louis Vitton to stand out from the crowd, as most brands still go for the classic black and white coloring. We should also mention that aside from this new shade, the new packaging will be more durable as well, thus offering shoppers a more relaxed trip back home, or to the next cafe.

Imperial Saffron was also used by Louis Vuitton in their awesome “Volez Voguez Voyagez” exhibition in Paris.