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Alex McDiarmid Designs the 87-meter Iwana Yacht Concept

By Adrian Prisca


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We don’t know how or where to classify the superb thing we see within these photos. It looks like some sort of dream-cruiser aimed only for the super rich and famous with impressive fortunes. This stunning yacht concept is actually called Iwana and measures 87 meters from front to rear with a design interestingly influenced from a mythical dragon.

Alex McDiarmid was the one who designed the intriguing Iwana yacht, a futuristic idealist, based in France, whose dreams are clearly obvious in the curvy, yet aggressive and modern lines of this impressive vessel. The omnipresent bow shape was used for this yacht, but as a new addition, the whole cruiser is encased in a substance reportedly called “magic glass”, some sort of material that reflects sun rays and confers a reptile-like look, through scaly impressions.

The project was revealed by the fabled designer during 2011’s Monaco yacht Show. We’re waiting for more details regarding this incredible reptilian yacht. If the project is going to be materialized, that we don’t know yet, but we’ll surely present you with details in case it will. Stay tuned!

[McDiarmid via LuxuryInsider]

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