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AKMA is a Very Distinctive Steampunk ‘Dutch Coffee’ Maker

You might not have figured this out just by looking at it, but this weird contraption is actually a coffee machine. Created by Seoul-based company Dutch Lab, it goes by the name of AKMA, which is a Korean word for ‘devil,’ a moniker that is quite appropriate for this sharp, dark, and somewhat mysterious machine.

Apart from its steampunk look, what makes this machine so special is the fact that it uses the so-called cold drip method to produce Dutch coffee. It’s a very slow process, which only uses filters, water (which needn’t be hot), and the force of gravity. While this method may seem like a waste of time (especially in the West, with everybody’s hectic schedule), the extra wait it is certainly worth it, as this really brings out the flavor in the drink, something which makes Dutch coffee very popular in Korea. In any case, if you’re going to take some extra time making your cup of joe, you might as well make it in something as cool as AKMA.

Featuring a full aluminum body and flasks made from borosilicate glass, Dutch Lab’s newest creation exudes a sort of vigor, sort of like the excellent coffee it makes. You can order an AKMA machine directly from the manufacturer and it will set you back $5,200, plus international shipping.


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