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Airbus Infinito Cabin Benefits From Pagani Goodness

Airbus Infinito Cabin

The breathtaking cabin concept before you is called Airbus Infinito and it’s the result of a surprising collaboration between the French aircraft manufacturer and the brilliant Italian hypercar designers from Pagani. Imagined for the new Airbus ACJ319neo private jet, that’s also called Infinito, this fresh cabin design seems too ooze luxury and opulence from every angle you look at it, with fine Italian styling complementing the jet’s stunning layout in the best of ways.

But what might be even more impressive than this charming interior layout is the innovative sky ceiling screen, which encircles the roof of the cabin and could display either a live view of the sky above the aircraft or any other images picked by the passengers. This massive screen will also give a sense of airlessness and space, adding to the overwhelming and relaxed atmosphere on board.

Airbus Infinito Cabin

The spacious and very comfortable cabin has been beautifully touched by Pagani’s design philosophy, displaying a wonderful blend of top-level composite materials such as carbotitanium and exquisite finishes that will make any trip with this private jet unforgettable.

The technical details of this new Airbus ACJ319neo and possible purchase costs of this beauty seem irrelevant at this time, as no justification would be enough to deny yourselves the pleasure and privilege of owning such a stunning private jet. Do you agree?

Airbus Infinito Cabin


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