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Adriana Lima wears Victoria’s Secret $2 million bra

Adriana Lima Bombshell Fantasy Bra

Victoria’s Secret teamed up with the Italian designed Damiani once again to create the annual million dollar bra, a jewel-covered bra dubbed as the Bombshell Fantasy Bra which is valued at $2 million. The lucky girl picked to model the million dollar bra is Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima.

The bra might be worth $2 million but what’s in it… it’s priceless. Supermodel Adriana Lima will also wear the bra at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which will take place at the end of November and will be live on CBS. The bra has a total of 142 carats in stones with 60 carats in white diamonds and 82 carats in topaz and sapphires.

Apparently six craftsmen worked at this diamond-studded bra in over 1500 hours of labor to set the over 3,000 stones in 18K white gold. Adriana Lima also modeled another million dollar bra two years ago, when she wore the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra which was worth $5 million.



  1. Ron January 19, 2019

    “I am not strong enough to gaze at the light
    of that lady, and do not know how to make a screen
    from shadowy places, or the late hour:
    yet, with weeping and infirm eyes, my fate
    leads me to look on her: and well I know
    I wish to go beyond the fire that burns me…”

  2. Ron August 15, 2019

    “Her breasts, two hills o’erspread with purest snow,
    Sweet, smooth and supple, soft and gently swelling,
    Between them lies a milken dale below,
    Where love, youth, gladness, whiteness make their dwelling,
    Her breasts half hid, and half were laid to show,
    Her envious vesture greedy sight repelling;
    So was the wanton clad, as if this much
    Should please the eye, the rest unseen, the touch..”

  3. Leonardo October 2, 2021

    I’m no poet. Adriana Lima looks great in bra.


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