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A Gorgeous Himalayan Retreat: Uma Paro, by Como

By Victor Baker


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Uma Paro

The breathtaking Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan will probably offer anyone the most incredible experiences, with its dramatic landscapes, unique culture and traditions, and a lovely sense of tranquility.

If you’ve ever dreamed about spending an unforgettable vacation here, Uma Paro is definitely the perfect place to enjoy it all, a charming hideaway where the Zen vibe and Buddhist traditions can be savored without making any compromises in regards to comfort and luxury.

Located just 3 km away from the International Airport in Paro, Uma by COMO, will surely impress you with the stunning accommodations, its indoor pool, world class spa and excellent service, but that’s not all it has to offer. Unique activities and adventures to discover the local culture are on the table as well, with grace acting as finishing touch to a sublime location.

Uma Paro

The staff at Uma Paro, Bhutan is eager to make your every wish come true and they will even help you plan your trip here from start to finish. The beauty of this Himalayan country is unparalleled, and it should be experienced within the proper accommodations.

That’s why guests may choose here between Superior and Deluxe Rooms, COMO Suites, One Bedroom Villas, and the lavish COMO Villa, but rest assured, every single room or suite is equally gorgeous. They all offer serene mountain views and every single amenity one might need to feel like home.

Of course, there’s also an in-house restaurant on site, serving local Indian dishes, and guests could also enjoy some refreshing cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks at the hotel’s bar. We doubt you will find a more suitable way of making incredible memories than spending your some time at Uma Paro.

Uma Paro

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