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6 Bathroom Add-Ons That You Will Never Regret Getting

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A renovated and well-functioned bathroom adds value to your home and comfortability. Sure, you’ve bought a fancy new toilet and a cool bathtub but adding a few other items can take your entire bathing experience up a notch. This is one of the most commonly used areas in your whole house and it’s lovely to see how elegant, functional yet pampering this place can be.

In this article we’ve got you covered whether you are spending money for upgrading your bathroom or moving into a new place. Let’s discuss some of the most important add-ons that you will never regret buying for your bathroom.

Dual Rain-head Showers

dual showers

For couples out there, this would be the most appreciated feature in a bathroom. It may sound romantic sharing a shower but in reality, you are disagreeing with the temperature and fighting for water. As you struggle to fit in one water source, it makes the experience less enjoyable. Having double shower heads, you can run the temperature you like while you are still experiencing an alone time with your partner. When revamping your bathroom, it doesn’t necessarily mean replacing everything.

You can use the same water heater tank provided it can serve all devices in your household. If you observe water heater leaking, it is important to do some troubleshooting first before purchasing a new one which can be repaired. Helpful information can be found online which is easy to follow but if you are cautious enough, it is better to seek assistance from an expert.

Storage Units

bathroom storage

This is excellent to improve the functionality of your bathroom. The more organized you are, it would be better and easier to find your essentials. You can’t achieve the dreamt look if it’s a cluttered mess. You can have this installed together with your vanity area above the sink. Alternatively, you can opt for portable storage and take up the unused corner.

This type of storage is beneficial especially if you think of a constant but minimal bathroom makeover. You can also add some organizers. Often you have to deal with small spaces in this area, so adding extra steps by having organizers can add its efficiency.

Glass Shower

glass shower

If you are confused between getting a shower curtain and glass screen, you’ll never go wrong investing in quality glass. You will thank yourself later on for avoiding the sticky curtains every time you shower. A glass shower screen is never out of fashion plus it’s easy to clean. You can also level up your shower area to a DIY steam bath by having a completely enclosed space. Alternatively, you can add properly sized steam generators and other vapor-sealed light fixtures.

Proper Lighting

luxury bathroom lighting

The light in a bathroom depends on the person and the task you’re doing. If you’re getting ready in the morning in front of the mirror, daylighting or vanity lights are more appropriate. After a tiring day and you want to have a relaxing bath, dim lights will surely promote your bathroom’s relaxing ambiance. Taking extra steps with your lightings will help you achieve the dreamt look you have in mind.


bathroom scents

The bathroom needs to smell great as it would make it more inviting. Having the right scent will add personality in this area. Relaxing scents in your tub is a must. The most commonly used are lavender or anything that mimics the fresh waves. There are varieties of options whether it’s a basic air freshener, scented candles, or having a diffuser with oil scents.


luxury bidet

Several countries in the Eastern part of the world are already using bidets. This can be attached to your toilet and considered to be more hygienic to use. Bidet is a plumbing fixture that allows you to wash with water after using the toilet. You have the options for a standalone bidet which is installed separately or a toilet seat bidet, electric and non-electric. Additionally, there are options for bidets on tankless toilets as well.

Tissue papers can irritate skin, and it’s not advisable to be used for persons suffering from hemorrhoids or any other related diseases. Aside from being environmentally friendly, there’s no doubt this is a money- saver! You don’t have to spend your cold cash on tissue papers or wet wipes.

If you are planning to start your renovation soon, ensure that you will get the maximum value of your money. You have to aim for a timeless interior that you can live and enjoy for several years. Bathroom renovation can be expensive as it can be but can be considered as your long term investment. You have a lot of factors to consider, start from the design, functionality, and budget.

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