Solid Gray's Aluminum Backpacks Put a Price On Time-Traveling

Solid Gray’s Aluminum Backpacks Put a Price On Time-Traveling

Solid Gray aluminum backpack

Now, don’t get me wrong. This thing was not designed to help you see live dinosaurs, meet George Washington or simply return to the 7th grade and kiss that lovely young girl you had a crush on. Nope, this is not a time machine, although it could easily be confused as a device coming to us straight from the future.

It is true that a lot of research and development goes into designing your favorite backpack, with materials ranging from waxed cotton to Kevlar and Dyneema fabrics, but Solid Gray went a little bit further than that with their stunning Aluminum Backpack.

Solid Gray aluminum backpack

The Netherlands-based company chose to use aluminum to build this stunning backpack, which could be considered a cool, yet difficult way to go about doing things. For instance, the interior of the backpack had to feature a series of straps and small compartments to protect your gear and devices from being scratched and damaged by a plastic collision with the outer shell of the backpack.

And as far as everyday comfort goes, this backpack is surprisingly friendly, lightweight and super easy to carry. The back padding on the bag is made from a closed cell EPDM foam, which will help you stay comfy as you stand out of a crowd. If you like it just as much as we do, you should know that it costs just $780.

Solid Gray aluminum backpack