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Zero Sail Concept Brings New Value To Catamarans Everywhere

By Victor Baker


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Zero Sail Concept

Zero Sail is a unique 18-meter concept of a sailing catamaran that allows 10 people to spend up to 3 weeks on the open sea. Using new technologies and a unique construction, this concept offers a highly sportive user experience while still being sustainable throughout its whole lifecycle. A charter yacht in its nature, this conceptual vessel could offer the same experience and feeling as competitive sailing.

Benefitting from alternative materials and an emission-free energy management system, Zero Sail has a holistic approach to sustainability. This innovative catamaran would be constructed on an aluminum space frame, that’s covered with high-tensile polycarbonate, with its helm stand placed in the front, right beneath the wing sail, to offer the skipper superior oversight.

Zero Sail Concept

The living area would be located at the back, where a bright theme and stunning panoramas are to be experienced. Mostly found in high-performance regattas, the rigid wing sail provides more lift and it would be apparently computer controlled and assisted, preventing critical situations like capsizing. A wave-piercer hull makes this catamaran even more stable in rough conditions, and it also helps it offer higher performances and thrills.

The Zero Sail concept can remain at sea for two weeks at a time, thanks to fuel cells that charge buffer batteries. They produce electricity through a chemical reaction of oxygen in the air and stored hydrogen, with the only result being steam. Moreover, when sailing, the electric motors of this beauty can be used as generators that could also charge the batteries when needed. Impressive, isn’t it?

Zero Sail Concept

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