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You Just Can’t Ignore the Zebra Boat by Dimitri Bez

Zebra Boat

Designed by French industrial engineer Dimitri Bez, the stunning speed boat before you is simply called Zebra and it looks like a magnificent blend between modern art and classic boat designs. This timeless vessel honors the 1947 Sea Maid Wooden Ski Boat, featuring a clean and minimalist design, with a unique shape that seems to cut through waves like a hot knife through butter.

This futuristic boat is still just a concept right now, but if it ever gets build, it will be powered by an electric motor, to keep in line with contemporary trends and also to get those instant thrills that most of us are craving for. You might not know this, but back in the early 1900s, electric power was the most popular type of propulsion for boats and then it simply went off our radar.

Zebra Boat

But interest in electric boats went up dramatically in these last couple of years, and most people believe we have to thank Tesla for that, even though they haven’t even thought about taking over the water, yet. Electric power is both practical and environmentally-friendly, and the Zebra Boat aims to offer you a silent and exciting ride, showing off a beautiful cockpit as well, which combines retro controls with a stunning OLED touchscreen tablet.

The touchscreen tablet provides navigation support but it can also double as a video screen – please refrain from playing games or watching your favorite motives while cruising at high speeds. Displaying a classic dark orange interior, this sleek vessel seems like a good way of spending your leisure time. Any takers?

Zebra Boat


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