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You can’t Ignore The Confederate Hellcat Revival 140

By Victor Baker


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Confederate Hellcat Revival 140

No one could imagine a mishap on their ravishing Confederate Hellcat bike, but unwanted things happen once in a while, and they could only motivate people. After a small problem, this impressive bike has been transformed into a hand-formed CNC machined metallic beast by the skillful team at Revival Motorcycles, following a brake failure that forced the owner to enter the shop.

It doesn’t matter how it happened or how it came to be, what’s important is that we now get to glance upon this ravishing Confederate Hellcat Revival 140, a bike that’s even more incredible than the ‘standard’ model, if you could ever call a Hellcat standard.

Confederate Hellcat Revival 140

Honoring the original Confederate Hellcat, the Revival 140 packs the very same engine, frame, and suspension system, while a hand-formed alloy fuel tank was built to fit the Hellcat’s unique shape. No one can ignore the CNC-machined subframe, fabricated to mirror the original, that’s complemented by a bespoke leather seat courtesy of the Revival shop.

The lucky owner of this beast now benefits from a hand-formed alloy tail section, new panels on the oil cooler and the air intake, as well as a Xenon projector headlight from an Audi S8. The stainless steel exhaust promises a bold soundtrack, while the overall optimization resulted in a 500-pound bike backed up by 140 feet-pounds of torque. Excitement is part of this bike’s charm!

Confederate Hellcat Revival 140


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