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Vin Doré’s Exquisite Sparkling Wines with 24K Gold Dust

By Brody Patterson


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A great wine a must for any special occasion, whether it’s a sizeable social gathering or a more private moment. And it doesn’t get any better than Vin Doré’s new releases, which are not only excellent wines, but also contains an extra-special, highly luxurious ingredient: 24-carat gold dust!

There are two products to choose from. Firstly, there’s the Cava Brut Imperial, created using traditional methods, with the double fermentation giving it that delightful sparkle. Secondly, there’s the Gold Sparkling wine, equally as glamorous, and ideal for very special occasion. And of course, both wines feature that 24-carat gold dust, which is what makes them truly exceptional.

Presented in elegant bottles which highlight the excellent product they contain, Vin Doré’s sparkling wines with gold dust can be the perfect gift- whether it’s to someone else, or to yourself!

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