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The Ultra-Exclusive Andead Edition Vodka is Elit by Stolichnaya’s Latest Release

By Brody Patterson


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Stolichnaya is one of the most prestigious names among vodka brands, so it’s no wonder the Russian company will be the first to create an ultra-premium vodka. Named elit by Stolichnaya, the collection actually comprises three highly exclusive releases, the last of which is the Andean Edition.

As was the case with everyone of the editions, the craftsmen over at Stolichnaya scoured the world for the best water sources they could find, in order to create the best product possible. This time, the source was the secluded and pristine Colico Lake, part of Chile’s La Araucanía Region. The water was added to the Russian Alpha Spirit created by elit, completing the amazingly fine drink.

The limited edition vodka is presented in a hand-cut crystal bottle by Glencairn Crystal designed to refract light – to great effect. Every bottle is sealed with a silver medallion overlaid with gold and crowned with a ruby depicting the elit by Stolichnaya flame. Moreover, the bottle is placed in a sustainably-sourced, Chilean Black Cherry wood case lined with leather and adorned with a pattern indigenous to Colico Lake.

The limited edition Andean Edition ultra-premium vodka, elit by Stolichnaya’s latest release, is priced at at €3,000 ($3,750) per bottle.


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