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Toc Vertical Record Player Is A Blast From The Past

By Victor Baker


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‘toc’ is the brilliant creation of industrial designer Roy Harpaz – an easy to use record player with a clean, simple and elegant design, which features a linear tracking system to capture that precious analog sound and a remote control that makes it operate easily.

This mesmerizing record player also comes with LED touch buttons on the front panel, and what’s interesting is that users can now skip between tracks, thanks to a sensor which scans the tracks on each vinyl inserted.


Toc was built using special spherical bearings, meaning that even warped records can now be played without any problem. This beautiful and unique conversation starter features a front panel made from CNC-cut walnut wood, resulting in a great addition even when a record isn’t playing.

Looking like coming out of a Star Trek movie, this record player blends in a stunning way the design cues of the 1970s with modern day technologies and innovation. We don’t know what’s the price for this stunning record player yet, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out more info.


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