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Timur Bozca’s SARCO Is A Mesmerizing Powerboat

By Victor Baker


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Timur Bocza SARCO

SARCO is a new incredible concept, imagined by the brilliant Turkish designer Timur Bozca, the same man who came up with the blissful Black Swan superyacht or the stunning Cauta world cruiser. This time he focused his attention on powerboats, and penned down this beauty: a 19-meter luxury dayboat that will surely be a real head-turner, combining automotive and yachting details for a unique look.

But the striking exterior is apparently the result of pre-historic inspiration, namely crocodile Ferocious Sarcosuchus, hence the name of this small vessel. Sarco is fully capable of reaching a very impressive speed of 53 kn, that would mean you could cruise from Monaco to St Tropez in only an hour and a half. Built from carbon fiber, this stunning powerboat will allow its passengers to enjoy smooth cruising and the sound of two MTU V10 2000 M94 engines.

Timur Bocza SARCO

Timur Bozca’s SARCO was specially designed to be one of the fastest superyacht tenders in the world, proving once again that the young and ambitious designer is well worth the praise and attention. Some of you might remember that Bozca took the title of the “Young Designer of the Year” in 2015 with his innovative Cauta design and gained huge popularity thanks to his incredible innovative designs ever since.

Currently based in Milan, this man is worthy of our full and undivided attention and will probably keep us on the edge of our seats for years to come. We’re already looking forward to see what he imagined next.

Timur Bocza SARCO

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