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The SW 110 RS Thalima Can Take You Around the World in Style

By Brody Patterson


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The SW 110 RS Thalima is an impressive 33.6-meter yacht built by Southern Wind Shipyard, with general concept by Nauta Design and exterior design by Farr Yacht Design.

Even though the boat was built for performance –stuff like circumnavigating the globe-, it is still an elegant and comfortable vessel. Built from hi-tech, lightweight materials (Kevlar, carbon fiber, epoxy resin), it also features various systems and programs to ensure the voyage is both smooth and swift.

The interior is reasonably spacious, with the furniture onboard, seemingly suspended, adding to this effect, and certainly warm and welcoming. Thalima has separate crew quarters as well as guest accommodations. The latter consist of two twin single cabins, a VIP cabin with central king-size bed, and the owner’s cabin which offers a private study area, walk-in wardrobe and a bathroom with a bathtub as well as a shower stall.

All in all, if it’s a speedy vessel take will take you around the world in style you’re looking for, look no further than the SW 110 RS Thalima.

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