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The Shaddai Concept Is Gabriele Teruzzi’s Vision About Sailing The Oceans

Shaddai Concept

Italian yacht designer Gabriele Teruzzi has a unique, and frankly stunning vision, about what cruising the high seas should be like in the years to come. Her glamorous concept, Shaddai, was designed to show off all kinds of unique amenities, like an on board aquarium, a serene infinity pool and a jaw dropping, upper viewing deck that would be suspended at 125-feet above sea level.

If that’s not impressive, then we really don’t know what is. Gabriele Peruzzi inspired this unique project from the work of the best Italian fashion houses, especially when thinking about the materials and textures necessary for the interior cabin.

Shaddai Concept

The Shaddai will also with a 300-square-meter beach club, where another infinity pool awaits passengers to chill out and dance the day away. Aside from the aquarium, which seems a bit redundant since we’re talking about a yacht concept, this extraordinary yacht concept also brags about the 1,130-square-feet suite – perched at the yacht’s highest point.

The master suite includes a dining area, bar, and a private pool as well. Moreover, Gabriele imagined the private deck to be fitted with a VIP cinema and a fully functional office space. How’s that for traveling in style?

Shaddai Concept


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