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The Quintessence43 Speedboat Is Anything But Underpowered


The Quintessence43, designed by Midnight Express, is the world’s first speedboat powered by five outboard engines that can be controlled with just two levers through a special ErgoEngine Control. This outrageous and beautiful vessel has been outfitted with five 400 hp Mercury racing engines, which are incredibly easy to handle even at high speeds of up to 90 mph on water.

The turn of a single key fires up the five engines simultaneously, and although that sound and feeling is both exciting and a bit scary, you should know this is one safest speedboats to be enjoying a cruise in. It comes with a fully digital helm which includes Garmin touchscreens, as well as controls for everything from lighting to batteries, with wireless remotes being an option.


Built for speed and comfort, this beast of a speedboat features an infusion-molded and cored twin-step hull, which makes it have an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. With a spacious 12.5-foot beam and a design that keeps spray to a minimum, this vessel promises to be highly enjoyable.

To ensure that times don’t get too boring aboard the Quintessence43, passengers will get the chance to try out the powerful 3,200-watt stereo with 14 speakers and six amps – as if those Mercury motors weren’t the ideal soundtrack for your day.

The Midnight Express Quintessence43 starts at about $665,000;, with the version shown in the gallery below costing about $891,000.




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