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The Penfolds Grange Now Comes In A $185,000 Decanter

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Australia’s most famous wine will probably get people running towards bottleshop shelves, thanks to the new vintage of Penfold’s Grange. Priced at a record $850, the brand’s 2012 vintage is already announced as one of the world’s best wines, but the prestigious Australian producer isn’t just offering fine wine.

The winery has also collaborated with celebrated glassmaker Saint-Louis to produce a luxurious range of decanters to go with your beloved Grange, and the best of the best is a a $185,000 decanter kit, including an imperial bottle of 2012 Grange designed to specially complement the wine’s exquisiteness.

This precious decanter has been carefully hand blown and hand cut using the finest of crystals, with the “Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Ritual” to be available in a very limited series of just 5 decanters. A crystal objet d’art, this small thing also with a smaller decanter adding practicality to any occasion and helping users enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Sure, the exquisite contents of the unique bottle will get you in the proper mood to appreciate life, art and everything in-between, but the decanter itself is the real star of the show. Too bad we don’t have more photos with it yet!

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