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The Orsos Island is a man-made luxury ‘island’

By Adrian Prisca


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Austrian-based firm Orsos Islands will impress everyone with their idea of the ultimate getaway, a man-made luxury “island” that looks like the most awesome pad in the world. The pad measures 121 feet by 65 feet and can accommodate up to 12 people at the same time, in a total of 6 double rooms, plus 4 staff members.

Detailing the construction, the upper area of the pad includes the sun deck and sports a lavish Jacuzzi, sun beds, separate loungers and seating spots for relaxation and entertainment, plus a large open area with a sun roof to chill up.

There’s also a covered barbecue area fitted with an entire array of seats and a bar, while the lowest part of this getaway is found below the water line and sports a large entertainment and event gathering spot. The main deck on the other hand includes a mind-whopping aquarium, restaurant, bar and kitchenette.

There’s also the term of efficiency to characterize the concept, as the Orsos Island boasts with its own eco-friendly autonomous power supply based on heat recovery from sea water, solar and wind energy. Above all, owners can link Orsos Islands together through a fixed or floating dock system, connectable to the main land, to place the boundaries of a small residential park.

Let’s not forget that this project is quite unique and extremely luxurious, thus it bears a price according to its endowments – a whopping $4.7 million (£3.7 million).


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