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The OceaNemo Yacht Concept Is An Amusement Park on Water


MC Yacht International has unveiled yet another interesting yacht concept, called the OceaNemo Sport Utility Yacht, a gorgeous 144-feet vessel that just looks mighty fine – not to mention fun. The Italian company has teamed up with several manufacturers of exclusive water-toys for this exciting project, meant to as close as possible to a floating fun house.

The sport-utility yacht shows off a generous selection of recreational options, making adults smile and kids possibly a bit envious. An inflatable rock-climbing wall, a giant waterslide, multifunctional lounging platforms and even private submersibles are all part of this yacht’s awesome offering.


Once OceaNemo will dock, you won’t have any problems moving around on land either, because this yacht comes well equipped to handle that as well, with the WaterCar and two Marlin hovercraft from the British Hovercraft Company finishing off the impressive list of adult toys on this vessel – pardon the pun.

If all else fails to impress you, we’re quite sure the amphibious sport aircraft from the Italian innovator SeaMax Easy will put a smile on your face, as it takes you for a joyful ride worth telling your friends or family.

The on-board storage on this yacht is also worth a mention, and since there are more ways than one to have fun and more than one toy to make you smile, we’re sure you will fall for this yacht concept. The question is: which of the water toys would you go for, first? Obviously, we wouldn’t leave any of them untouched.


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