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The new Sub 3 Submersible by Uboat Worx takes you deep

By Victor Baker


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The desire to explore the depth of the planet’s oceans has been tormenting people for centuries. Yes, you can explore the incredible marine life when you’re scuba diving, but let’s face it, you can’t go too deep in the ocean like this. You need a manned submersible to go deeper and deeper below the water, in comfort, without the risk of decompression, and Uboat Worx is just the company that can help you with this.

Based in the Netherlands, Uboat Worx has just unveiled their latest project, a cool compact submersible called Sub 3 that will make you feel like Jacques Cousteau while you’re exploring the oceans. The new underwater toy is extremely lightweight and it’s cited as the most compact 3 person submersible ever built.

The best thing about this new Uboat Worx creation is that this is the world’s first submersible that could be even upgraded. Clients can start their underwater adventure with a 100 meter depth capability and then they could upgrade it for the full 300 meter diving depth capability.

Inside the Sub 3 vessel, passengers can feel comfortable even at 1 atmosphere of pressure, in a fully air conditioned environment featuring luxurious leather seating. The fully Acrylic Pressure Vessel guarantees an unimpeded view and it could dive to depths of 300 meters for up to 12 hours. Anyone could dive comfortably with this submersible, under the guidance of a trained pilot.

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