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The MVP Aero Model 3 Aircraft Can Turn into a Leisure Boat

By Brody Patterson


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It’s hard to accurately define the MVP Aero Model 3. It’s not exactly a seaplane, but it isn’t a flying boat either. What can be said about, however, is that it’s an awesome concept, something we’d like to see more of.

The MVP might be that easy-to-operate, versatile vehicle the future was supposed to bring, but never really got around to doing it. And while we don’t have personal jetpacks or flying cars just yet, the MVP might soon be that light airplane you could take camping on the lakeside and then use it to relax on the surface of the water itself. The aircraft can touch down on land as well as on water, and once you’re on the surface you can take the relaxation to the next level: the MVP’s canopy moves upwards and back on a 4-bar link to sit on top of the engine pylon, which makes nose of the MVP resemble the front of a classic bass-type fishing boat. You can then even set up a hammock between the cabin and the tail.

The MVP Aero Model 3 is still in development stage, with the first deliveries expected in the coming years, but no sooner than 2017. For those making their reservation now, prices range from $164,500 to $184,500, depending on the type of aircraft chosen.


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