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The MesaStila resort on a Javanese coffee plantation

By Adrian Prisca


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If the region of Magelang won’t tell you anything, than the centre of Java Island will probably do enough. Here is MesaStila, a staggering luxury spa retreat, nestled within 22 hectares of gardens. Reachable via Semarang Airport, 90 minutes away, the resort is in fact a Javanese coffee plantation that awaits enthusiastic guests.

You can’t help noticing the tropical paradise which unveils all around you upon arrival. If you head away from the busy city streets of Magelang, towards south, you will stumble upon a true monument of magnificence. They main concept behind MesaStila is relaxation. Everything directly connected and related to it is majorly emphasized at the location, from all sorts of treatments to something as simple as sunbathing.

The resort is surrounded by 8 volcanoes, stunning exploration sites, alongside tropical gardens, jungle, thousands of coffee plants and the typically fresh air of the Indonesian Archipelago. MesaStila comprises a total of 22 villas, individually decorated and perched up a hill right in the middle of the plantation. The accommodation facilities are intricately endowed with state of the art amenities, outdoor verandas and lavish living spaces.

So, grab a cup of freshly made coffee, sit back and relax, to enjoy the breathtaking surroundings of MesaStila. After all, nightly rates only start at $407.


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