The Majlis – A Charmingly Secluded Resort off the Coast of Kenya

The Majlis is a charmingly secluded resort in the Lamu Archipelago, just off the coast of Kenya.

Only 25 rooms are available, so you can be certain that your stay will be as private and quiet as possible. These well-appointed, air conditioned accommodations all come with en-suite bathrooms, and also offer great views from a terrace or a veranda.

And there’s quite a lot to see, too, from the magnificent Indian Ocean, to the luxuriant tropical vegetation, and, a bit farther away, on a neighboring island, Lamu – the oldest Swahili town in Kenya and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Guests who like to keep themselves active will definitely want to take advantage of the vast array of water sports which can be practiced around the resort: snorkeling, kayaking, and dhow sailing, and there are great conditions for deep-water fishing as well.

If you like water but you prefer to spend your time simply relaxing, you can just soak up the sun from next to the pool and go for the occasional dip. Finally, head over to The Majlis Restaurant and enjoy the fresh seafood, a nice salad, or even a wood-fired pizza, and recharge your batteries before going off to explore more of this enchanting place.

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