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The lovely Quasar 88m SuperYacht is up for sale

By Adrian Prisca


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There are a few principles and rules in life that can easily interact with beauty, for superb and efficient results. Such a principle is slickness, or fluidity. It’s at the base of what we’re about to describe: a gorgeous beauty, a stand-alone marvel – the Quasar 88.

Just by looking at the photos one realizes that this is not just another yacht. First of all, it’s a mega-yacht, built over 6 decks and based on the simple concept of slickness. Way different than designs that are currently based on stereotypes, this vessel brings together continuity, the sense of freedom, symmetry, beauty and efficiency.

The upper decks are diminutively copying the main deck, which runs uninterrupted from stern to bow – these facts bring unmatched functionality and good looks at the same time. The most luxurious spot on the mega-yacht is the owner’s suite located on the main deck and designed over 2 levels. It covers a total area of 245 square meters and it’s also linked to the owner’s lounge on the upper deck through a private stairway.

Thus, a great view-point is created, through the Pilot House windshield. Also on the main deck we can admire the vast oval pool, as well as the dining room and the main saloon. There’s another guest boarding spot on the lower deck, with the help of a folding starboard side balcony, while the area also includes a huge media room.

The whole vessel’s interior was penned down by De Basto, who efficiently designed continuous lines, efficiency, brightness and luxury, all these combined with a great sense of freedom that the mega-yacht inspires when boarding it. It features huge windows, great privacy, separation between the crew and guests and lifts for both the factions, from the lower deck to the bridge deck.

It also comes equipped with a great range of amenities, from gym and spa to media rooms and white and red wine stores. The sixth deck works as a view point, a great spot to watch the breathtaking surroundings while holding your dearest between your arms.

A watertight door separated the engine room from the huge tender garage with huge lift-up entries on either side. There are also two wing stations on the bridge deck plus the wheel house, on the very same deck. The HVAC rooms are found among every deck, while a touch-and-go helipad and a Fly bridge make the ultimate endowments on the boat. All these lead to a displacement of 3,000 metric tons.

As the name suggests, the Quasar 88 is an 88 meter-long star of the seas, irradiating beauty, light and freedom.


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