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The Leica M Monochrom for Black and White Photography

By Adrian Prisca


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The renowned camera manufacturers from Leica have recently announced the launch of the world’s first digital rangefinder camera, called Leica M Monochrom, which comes with dedicated, full-frame black and white sensor for “true monochrome photography.”

Being able to shot 35 mm black and white photography, the innovative Leica M Monochrom comes decked with a brand new 18MP CCD sensor, which is able to capture light at its best, to the detriment of the fact that it cannot detect any colors. Thus, the black-and-white photos this camera can shoot are of extreme accuracy, boasting with a sharpness that can hardly be noticed in today’s cameras.

In addition, this gadget will simply fire image processing engineers, as they have just become sort of useless. Leica Camera AG are no strangers to rangefinder systems, as they’ve been using them for quite a while now. This particular image sensor works in perfect cohesion to the Leica M-Lenses, matching their performance with ease.

Its compatibility with practically any M-Lens out there crafted during the 1954 – today period and providing focal lengths from 16 to 135 millimeters, the camera comes equipped with a leather carrying strap, Nik Silver Efex Pro.2, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It is reportedly going to be available in UK from July 2012, in authorized Leica dealers, at a price of £6,120, lenses not included.


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