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The Latest Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition got a Stunning Design from Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone Hennessy Very Special 1

Maison Hennessy recently released their newest cognac in the brand’s Very Special Limited Edition series, a gorgeous package that wears the signature of the renowned Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone. The iconic cognac brand has made a tradition of inviting a talented artist every single year to design their Very Special cognac bottle.

This year, it was Felipe Pantone’s turn to show off his talent and we must say he didn’t disappoint at all. The latest and greatest from Maison Hennessy got a very special look through the artist’s signature kinetic shapes. Felipe Pantone is very well known around the world for his amazing work in kinetic art, graffiti, design and installations and through the bold colors and geometrical patterns he utilizes.

Felipe Pantone Hennessy Very Special

The new Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition is a mesmerizing blend of bold colors and graphics, with 3D illusions and Hennessy’s expertise and consistency across their many years of crafting some of the best cognacs in the world.

For this special edition Felipe Pantone took bits of Hennessy’s history, from old labels and bottles, packages and advertisements from the brand’s archive and embedded them in an eye catching contemporary design that matches the digital era we live in.

Felipe Pantone Hennessy Very Special 3


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