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The Hi-Tech Cosmos Bed Recreates the Experience of Sleeping Under the Stars

Sleeping under stars is an incredible experience, but a very rare one in our heavily urbanized world. But now you can get the next best thing — the brainchild of Russian designer Natalia Rumyantseva, it is dubbed the Cosmos bed, a high-tech piece which recreates in part the experience of sleeping beneath the open sky in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Some people don’t need complete and utter silence to fall asleep, preferring instead to doze off to a soothing soundtrack. For them, the Cosmos bed comes with a high-end audio system which can play white noise, classical music, or natural sounds – whatever helps induce a deep and refreshing sleep. The highlight of the piece (literally!) is of course the lighting setup, which comprises multiple LED ‘starlights,’ simulating the beautiful, clear night sky. There’s even an aromatherapy diffuser, which helps create the perfect atmosphere to help you fall into a pleasant, refreshing slumber.


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