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The Frégate Island Private Retreat in the Seychelles

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’re looking for a superb retreat to get your thoughts together and where to relax for a couple of days, the breathtaking Frégate Island Private retreat in the Seychelles is one ideal place to choose. Get your luggage packed and head to this tropical corner of paradise in the Indian Ocean.

This luxury retreat is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and Virtuoso, and has been awarded a small collection of prizes over time. Its constructors have taken a lot of care of the environment, focusing on not doing any harm any absolutely no way.

In addition, the caretakers tend to the growth and cultivation of the resort’s food on the island’s plantations, the actual basis of the local spa concepts and culinary domain. Furthermore, the greenness of this resort is carefully controlled and analyzed by a resident ecologist, ensuring a perfect integration into the surrounding wildlife.

The main point the resort focuses on is to bring guest experience to a whole new level. And by this we mean two things: exquisite amenities and accommodation for an unforgettable few days’ period, and their own “Bird’s Nest”, a raised shelter somewhere in the treetops.

These are inspired mainly from the 140 species or rare tropical birds the island boasts and they serve as ideal island spots for couples to spend some romantic time together, away from daily business and struggles.

This particular island features a total of seven beaches, the resort being located close to Grande Anse. Above the sandy beaches, a platform is gracefully placed among palm tree leaves, camouflaged as if it had always been there.

Reachable via a winding staircase that goes around a coconut tree trunk, it covers a modest 3 three square meter area and boasts the feel of hand-made craftsmanship. There, from 4 meters above the ground, guests can enjoy absolutely breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and its azure waters, the incredibly beautiful lush jungle and the calm beach to the south, as well as the east and north parts of the island, covered in endemic vegetation.

If its comfort you look for, a trained butler is just the push of a button away, ready to fulfill your wishes. He can pamper you with unique sundowner cocktails, to enhance the feelings shared by the superb landscapes. It don’t matter if this happens within the Bird’s Nest or on the beach, the resulting experience is thrilling.

The island’s pavilion is where the incredibly taste foods prepared by the chef are being tasted, at the butler’s attendance. After all, the Frégate Island Private has been awarded for both accommodation and services. And tradition is one thing they carefully tend to.


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